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Valve seat cutting

Race Developments uses Swiss-made Mira valve seat cutting equipment.

This equipment uses a pre-formed carbide cutter of which there are hundreds of different profiles of varying sizes and angles to choose from. Through extensive flowbench and dyno testing we are able to provide more than just a basic valve job on many engines. It is often misunderstood just how critical the valve seat area is to engine performance.

The quality of some modern engines stock valve job can be very impressive and there have been extreme cases where valve work from shops that clearly do not test and develop to this degree because upon testing we have found lower than stock performance.

Many modern motorcycle heads now run titanium valves from the factory that you can no longer lap due to delicate surface coatings. Due to the accuracy of our valve seat cutting equipment lapping is not necessary. All completed seats are tested with the machines built-in vacuum tester to ensure perfect seal. After 5 years of having this machine in the shop now we have had a lot of engines come back in for regular refreshes and the valve job is still sealing perfectly and concentric.

We are also able to offer replacement of valve seat inserts. So if your engine has dropped a valve and mashed the chamber and seat then sometimes this can be repaired. Also as mentioned a moment ago some of the titanium valves suffer wear issues, especially in motocross applications. We have found that our uprated seat inserts greatly increase titanium valve life due to being of vastly improved quality to stock seat insert materials.

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