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Head and Block Refacing

We have a Comec RP330 refacing machine.  This comes with a range of fly cutting tips in both PCD and CBN.  It can also surface grind. We regularly get an Ra surface finish of around 12 µin when refacing aluminium heads and have seen as low as 7 µin.

Engine Building

We have built a huge amount of engines over the years in a wide range of disciplines.  Anything from tiny single cylinder motorcycle engines to huge twin turbo car engines.  More recently we are focused on the core race engines that you will see on our social media feed.  We do not work on or rebuild stock engines for standard cars/vans it is purely performance related work.

Valve Seats & Guides

A Serdi 3.5 valve seat and guide machine is our production level machine, a true workhorse for seat and guide work.  This machine cuts and replaces 1000’s of guides and seats per year.  We have a range of tooling to fit quite a lot of heads as well as many form tools for cutting anything from single angle, 3/4/5 angle, radius seats and combinations of all of those.  Custom cutters can also be made to specific requirement.

5 Axis CNC Porting

The 5-axis machine is a Doosan VC630/5AX.  This machine is equipped with a Heidenhain control system, tool probing system, 20,000rpm spindle, 630mm table with moving A&C axis.  A true heavy duty production machine with impressive speed and control as well as repeatability.
All scanning, machining and production of CAD models is done in-house by Race Developments.
Due to the time involved in scanning, modelling and making up fixtures for CNC port work, this is often suited just to our most popular heads.

Laser Scanning/Probing

Cylinder heads, engine blocks and other parts are scanned with our Heaxgon RA-7320 SI laser scanning arm.  This can scan 752,000 points per second with an accuracy of 0.028mm.  The arm can also perform point probing with a range of probes to an accuracy of 0.016mm.

Super Finishing

A Rosler superfinishing machine using all Rosler media and paste is used for finishing cranks, gears and an assortment of other parts. The bowl is 800x350mm so please enquire for your specific needs.